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Important notices:

1. Some components and services will use your Internet service. Internet service must be available to setup and enable these services.

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Home audio devices

AMTEC Electronic Engineering & Alarm, Inc. offers several different intercom systems to suit your needs.


A video door intercom system offers homeowners improved convenience and security. These systems let homeowners view, record, and interact with visitors though an intuitive indoor station or app. If pre-wired, these systems can even be used to remotely operate front gates.


If we’ve also installed your CCTV system, our video door intercom system will integrate directly into your CCTV system, further streamlining security into a single app.


Legrand’s On-Q selective-call intercom system is a marked improvement over traditional intercom systems with features like room to room and group calling. On-Q combines both convenience and privacy with a modernist aesthetic that integrates directly into Legrand’s digital home audio system.


Legrand’s digital home audio system gives you the freedom to choose what you want to listen to, independent of other rooms, through local control stations or Legrand’s mobile app.


Add a source module to further increase your listening options, connecting your favourite streaming services like iTunes, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify, and more to your Legrand digital home audio system.


These systems are designed to mold around your lifestyle, elevating your home living experience to the next level.

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