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Who we are

Since our founding in 1987, we, at AMTEC Electronic Engineering & Alarm, Inc., have spent the last thirty years building our reputation protecting households and businesses throughout the San Gabriel Valley. We are a fully insured, full-service, low-voltage installer specializing in:


  • Security systems

  • Fire alarm systems

  • Ultra high-definition ( 4K ) CCTV systems

  • Multi-zone home audio systems

  • Integrated intercom systems

  • Low-voltage wiring for builders

  • Remote, app-driven security


We hold the security of our clients as our utmost priority; your peace of mind is as important to us as it is to you. As the security industry continues to evolve, AMTEC looks forward to offering our clients the latest technologies, including Honeywell’s nextgen security platform, and cutting edge AI-powered CCTV systems, amongst other exciting new products.


We thank all our clients for their continued support, and hope we can offer our services to you. Trust in our over 30 years of knowledge and experience.


Questions? Want to request a free estimate or demo? Contact us! Yes, we speak Chinese!



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Due to Covid-19 quarantine restrictions, AMTEC will be operating in reduced capacity, primarily in support of public safety and critical services, until further notice. Please remember to practice social distancing, wear facial coverings and follow quarantine guidelines per Stay safe, California!
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